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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Warmaster Ancients

Last nights saw Mat and Nathan play a game of Warmaster Ancients. Mat was commanding a Successor army while Nathan had control (sort of) of the Republican Roman army. The terrain was a bit of a pain, the core of Mat's army could not cross the hills in the center of the table, the left was covered by a wood which he couldn't go through so he had to go down the right.

The game went quite well, espescially as we didn't know the rules half as well as we thought we did. Phalanx units are very nasty, in fact they are pretty much able to chew through just about anything. The high points of the game both went to Nathan. In one turn all his generals (he had three) managed to roll command blunders. You blunder when you roll a 12 on 2d6, he managed 3 of them in a row. Then his skirmishers managed to shot 2 lots of phalanx units as they were charged and then beat them in a fight by virtue of all the shooting casualties. How we laughed, except for Mat.

We are having another go next week, using smaller forces to try and get the rules sorted out properly. I'll try to take notes and (maybe) photo's next time.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Press Release: M'Tor'Hed retakes Laire and liberates town of Nainne

The M'Tor'Hed Peoples Popular Front of Zoosia has serious concerns about the claims made by the spokesman for the near-vanquished dictatorship of Maine.

They seem to be unable to tell the time; our dawn raid into Laire in which our forces triumphed greatly was followed up later in the day by a full on assault to liberate our brothers in the town of Nainne. If the renegades now without a homeland of their own wish to in some way claim that afternoon now happens before dawn on the same day then they are as delusional as they are badly led.

Given that our forces now once again hold Nainne itself and much of the surrounding province, if the remnants of the vicious dictatorship forces do not wish to accept our terms of surrender we shall attack them again with renewed vigour as we liberate their remaining territory.

Alternately, if the remaining forces wish to rebel against the self-styled "President", we will assist them and welcome them into our structure in the continued liberation struggle.

Power to the People!

Wl'fee, spokesman,
on behalf of L'mee, first citizen.

Friday, March 17, 2006

New Campaign log, template tweaks

OK, I've added in a page for the Band of Brothers campaign, and I've also tweaked the front page using a nifty tool I discovered that displays the headlines for the sub pages in the sidebar. I really like the way Rob's after action report comes out as a web page; After Action Report: Cherbourg.

Not bad.

Also, if anyone is interested, I've set up a generic Warhammer blog on a separate bit, the idea being that Jason and I can write up any news or games we play there, which may be useful; will probably invite others as and when...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Does anybody have any aircraft carriers for sale?

Nathan needs some, plus a battleship. :-)

As you may be aware we have been playing a PBEM WW2 Pacific naval campaign. Its been going for a while now and we have finally had a big naval engagement, with all attacks coming from aircraft. After the smoke had cleared the USN Saratoga was damaged and would need some repairs. Reports from the returning strike aircraft indicated that the Soryu had suffered 9 bomb hits and was last seen listing and burning. The Shokaku was hammerheaded by the torpedo-bombers of VT-2 and suffered in excess of 5 torpedo hits and was last seen sinking. Dive bombers from the Saratoga found the Yamato and pressed home the attack. Three hits were reported and the battleship was brought to a virtual standstill. Then the Dauntlesses from the Saratoga appeared and , despite heavy antiaircraft fire, they struck the killing blow. Three torpedoes struck below the waterline and the Yamato was sent to her watery grave. Commander of the IJN Yamato, Admiral Nathanimoto Goodyearito was last seen in an 8' rowing boat heading for Japan as fast his little arms could row him.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Band of Brothers using "Death by schmeisser"

Tonight we finished playing a BoB scenario, using the death by schmeisser (Jerry rolls a six) rules.
Unfortuneately the gallant Sgt Murphy was rotated home having been WIA. However Edge Platoon completed their objectives and a fun time was had by all.

Full details will be issued by SHAEF as soon as the team have been debriefed.

Useful wargames sites

Added links to because that's the only sites the lazy gits can think of; any extra suggestions for free wargames resource sites welcome.