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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Press Release: M'Tor'Hed retakes Laire and liberates town of Nainne

The M'Tor'Hed Peoples Popular Front of Zoosia has serious concerns about the claims made by the spokesman for the near-vanquished dictatorship of Maine.

They seem to be unable to tell the time; our dawn raid into Laire in which our forces triumphed greatly was followed up later in the day by a full on assault to liberate our brothers in the town of Nainne. If the renegades now without a homeland of their own wish to in some way claim that afternoon now happens before dawn on the same day then they are as delusional as they are badly led.

Given that our forces now once again hold Nainne itself and much of the surrounding province, if the remnants of the vicious dictatorship forces do not wish to accept our terms of surrender we shall attack them again with renewed vigour as we liberate their remaining territory.

Alternately, if the remaining forces wish to rebel against the self-styled "President", we will assist them and welcome them into our structure in the continued liberation struggle.

Power to the People!

Wl'fee, spokesman,
on behalf of L'mee, first citizen.


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