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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Civilisation the boardgame

Last night five of us played Civilisation, the boardgame that the computer game is based on, which also has a boardgame based on it! Confused, you should be.

Things I like about the game - Well, most of it really. The basic game mechanics work well and the calamities do spice up the turns. I also like the trading side of it.

Thing I don't like about the game - Multiple calamities hitting in a single turn. Last time we played I was knocked out of the game by three calamities all hitting me in one turn. This is much less likely to happen this time as there are more players, but we are only half way through so things could still go pear shaped.

Things we changed - Grain used against a famine is returned to the resource pile. All areas of the map are used. I think that's about it.

We are playing it again next Monday and will hopefully finish it. We usually play it for one night and then leave it, but not this time. I am currently in the lead, although that means nothing at this point. Best laid plans and all that. Luckily I have a buffer zone between myself and Nathan's aggressive Carthaginian empire, that buffer zone is known as Matt!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Plymouth Show

Its this week, I won't be going but I believe Colin and Panjo (possibly) are. What are you going to get there then lads?

In other news I played a 25mm WW2 skirmish game last night using Minkey/Guy's new skirmish variant of his set of rules. It worked ok, espescially in the fact that realistic tactics allowed a US victory. It is a scenario that I think we could do well using either Colins 20mm or the vast array of 25mm figures that we have. The forces are limited, about a dozen Americans and around 50 Germans, but the setup does give the Americans a real advantage. If anybody is interested in doing it at some point I will set it up.

This has been a test message to satisfy Matt. Normal service will now be resumed.