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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Battle of Louisville, June 1861

Rebels Suffer Major Defeat in Kentucky.
This reporter was lucky enough to be allowed to join the staff of General G. H. Thomas, commander of the Army of Cincinnati. This force of gallant men of the Union set out to prevent the destruction of the city of Louisville by the nefarious band of rebels, calling themselves the "Army of Chattanooga", that had advanced from Tennessee. Numbering nearly 30,000 men this band of ner-do-wells were brought to a halt by the valiant Union troops and soon realised that they had bitten off more than they could chew.

Initial intelligence reports showed the rebel force to consist of four brigades of infantry, one of cavalry and a battery of cannons. This proved to be a major underestimation of the size of the enemy force as more and more brigades appeared. In total they had more than ten brigades of infantry, plus at least two of cavalry and two batteries of artillery. General Thomas requested aid from nearby units and eventually the Union force was increased to match that of the secessionist's. The initial force of seven infantry brigades, supported by two cavalry brigades and one battery was soon swollen to thirteen infantry, three cavalry and two batteries.

Despite initial set backs against fortified positions and ambushing bushwhackers the forces of the Union soon pushed the rebels back from Louisville. A rebel cavalry brigade was cut off and captured by the 1st Illinois Cavalry, while the 1st Rhode Island and 1st Missouri Infantry smashed through one rebel unit after another and ended up driving off the entire left flank of the rebel army.

Casualties were light for our gallant boys. Of 35,500 men engaged in the battle there were 1,050 confirmed killed or seriously wounded, 4,500 suffered light wounds and 600 are missing, possibly captured. The estimated size of the rebel force was over 30,000 men and over 2,000 were killed or seriously injured, nearly 6,000 are thought to have received light wounds and there are 2,400 prisoners under guard.

With Louisville now safe it is thought that General Thomas will reorganise his troops and secure the rest of Kentucky from the secessionist's. I can only hope that those in the southern states will come to their senses and end this futile rebellion of theirs.

For those who have not yet realised, this is a report from one of the battles in the first turn of an ongoing American Civil War campaign, played using Fire & Fury rules and assorted 15mm figures


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