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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ACW Naval Wargames

The American Civil War on water in 1/600th scale using Hamerin' Iron rules (all Peter Pig) provides a great evenings entertainment using some of the very unusual ironclads and paddle steamers. The last action involved the USS Benton and the USS Cairo trying to pass two Confederate forts positioned on an island and the river bank with mortar rafts placed behind the island out of sight of the on-coming yanks.
The Ironclads came on with only their frontal armour exposed and having their medium rifle bore guns causing damage to the earthworks of the fortifications that were equipped with heavy Columbaid guns that proved ineffective at range. Quickly the forts were on fire and guns were destroyed as the range shortened.
The mortars opened fire causing little damage being inaccurate, and one burst and expolded killing all the gunners.
The ironclads had to turn broadside to avoid the island fort, this was a critical manover as the USS Cairo had limited armour to the rear. Heavy cannon fire and hits from mortar shells soon penetrated the inside causing much damage and fires. The rudder was shot away leaving the vessel out of control.
The USS Benton carried on, passing the island destroying the fort and mortar rafts.
It was a costly action with the loss of the USS Cairo but mission was accomplished by the actions of USS Benton which remained almost undamaged.


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