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Sunday, May 28, 2006

AK-47: the Righteous Brotherhood speaks

The Religious Movement of Father T'ake De' P'fromu and the Righteous Brotherhood...
The last battle won over 7 turns against Matt's Peoples Popular Front ppf, or is that that ppppppfffft as in bunch of farts, killed all but one of his units a frightening group of 3 tank gunned armoured cars that turned up 2 turns before game end, fortunately... phew...

Looked tough at about turn 2 the ppf held one position with massed infantry but the threat of mortar attack kept them pinned down and the Father's Nike wearing olympic runners, thanks to political points gave us an additional 3" move per turn, just what you need to close on the AA and RR armed technicals that had my 1 armoured car pinned behind woods, but after presenting the afore mentioned tech's to my mortar crews we had to let them have some, cos we are sharing types... knocking out one, then another the next turn, then my infantry were amongst them, bish bosh, burning tech's, he he, the cowering infantry in the objective move out to attack us but get hit with gunfire, small arms, and mortar fire, ahhhh, the nike boys then move onto the village to take up residence and await the ppf reinforcements and yep you guessed it, bish bosh again, take out his AA truck and some infantry nand then he attacks my leader and his body guard in the village but in typical style we kicked their butt, and they ran away, to be butchered by small arms and tank gun fire, meanwhile the final unit comes on and runs for the last objective a hill, we come under fire from the armoured cars, but i see the turn points going rapidly so time for sacrifice, deploy the mortars in the group and all others leg it for the hill, hey we take some fire but get the 30 pt terrain peice, oh well, then the game ends and the points totalled up, holding all three victory peices, killing or driving off all but one enemy unit and only loosing 6 stands therefore winning by over 87 points, and writing a historical account, is'nt that right matt, oh he's dead... te he....


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