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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Warmaster Ancients

Last nights saw Mat and Nathan play a game of Warmaster Ancients. Mat was commanding a Successor army while Nathan had control (sort of) of the Republican Roman army. The terrain was a bit of a pain, the core of Mat's army could not cross the hills in the center of the table, the left was covered by a wood which he couldn't go through so he had to go down the right.

The game went quite well, espescially as we didn't know the rules half as well as we thought we did. Phalanx units are very nasty, in fact they are pretty much able to chew through just about anything. The high points of the game both went to Nathan. In one turn all his generals (he had three) managed to roll command blunders. You blunder when you roll a 12 on 2d6, he managed 3 of them in a row. Then his skirmishers managed to shot 2 lots of phalanx units as they were charged and then beat them in a fight by virtue of all the shooting casualties. How we laughed, except for Mat.

We are having another go next week, using smaller forces to try and get the rules sorted out properly. I'll try to take notes and (maybe) photo's next time.


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