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Monday, March 13, 2006

Does anybody have any aircraft carriers for sale?

Nathan needs some, plus a battleship. :-)

As you may be aware we have been playing a PBEM WW2 Pacific naval campaign. Its been going for a while now and we have finally had a big naval engagement, with all attacks coming from aircraft. After the smoke had cleared the USN Saratoga was damaged and would need some repairs. Reports from the returning strike aircraft indicated that the Soryu had suffered 9 bomb hits and was last seen listing and burning. The Shokaku was hammerheaded by the torpedo-bombers of VT-2 and suffered in excess of 5 torpedo hits and was last seen sinking. Dive bombers from the Saratoga found the Yamato and pressed home the attack. Three hits were reported and the battleship was brought to a virtual standstill. Then the Dauntlesses from the Saratoga appeared and , despite heavy antiaircraft fire, they struck the killing blow. Three torpedoes struck below the waterline and the Yamato was sent to her watery grave. Commander of the IJN Yamato, Admiral Nathanimoto Goodyearito was last seen in an 8' rowing boat heading for Japan as fast his little arms could row him.


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